Cold Chamber Shot End Components

Diversified Tooling Innovations produces all types of expendable shot end components used in the die cast industry such as Shot Sleeves, Plunger Rods and Plunger Tips. DTI also provides their customers with a Shot Sleeve Reconditioning program. By repairing and modifying customer's existing shot sleeves and plunger rods we offer them cost savings over purchasing new product.

As one of an elite group of manufacturers of die cast tooling, DTI holds a large share of the customer base in the local area, as well as a percentage of the sales to other areas such as Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska. DTI's customer base includes Europe, Asia, Canada, Central and South America.

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Shot Sleeves
Plunger Rods
Plunger Tips

Manufactured and Heat Treated to Your Specifications


Steel Plunger Tip
Internal Cooling Structure
Steel Plunger Tip

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Shot Sleeves, Plunger Rods and Plunger Tips
Shot Sleeves
Your choice of tool steels, including but not limited to, Regular H-13, Premium H-13, QUAD Steel, and QRO 90. Manufactured and heat treated to your specifications.
Plunger Rods Plunger Tips

DTI has the expertise, equipment and quality processes in place to ensure that our Shot Sleeves, Plunger Rods and Plunger Tips meet or exceed your expectations for quality, durability and reliability.