Single/Multi-Spindle Automatic and CNC

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Deep Hole Drilling:
  • Diameters to 2 1/2"
  • Depth up to 60"
Three Axis Gundrilling:
  • Diameters to 1"
  • Depth up to 28"
  • Cross Travel 32"
  • Vertical Travel 15"

Gun Drilling

Gun drilling is an ideal solution for most deep and precision drilling projects.

The gundrill consists of a hollow tube with a " V" shaped groove or flute along its length, and a carbide cutting tip designed in such a way as to produce it's own guide bushing as it drills the hole. As the tool is drilling, high pressure oil or coolant is fed through the hollow shank, lubricating and cooling the cutting area and carrying the chips and heat away by means of the V-shape flute.

Deep Hole Gun Drilling
Barnes Gundrill Eldorado Knee Type Digitally Controlled Gundrill Barnes Gundrill
Current deep hole drilling equipment consists of Barnes gundrills for on-center drilling and a Eldorado knee type digitally controlled gundrill for off-center drilling. Drilling sizes range from .078" to 2" with depth capabilities exceeding 60", from one end, depending on the part configuration and hole size. DTI stocks a wide variety of drill sizes and lengths to eliminate production delays caused by waiting for drills. Let us show you how DTI delivers more "Value-Added Services" to our customers and partners.