Diverse Variety of Machining Services

DTI integrates hobbing and broaching with precision machining into one efficient system to produce a wide variety of gear products. Whether it is gear cutting on an existing part, or start-to-finish manufacturing of a part with gear features, DTI has the expertise you need.

Spur & Helical Hob:
  • Pitch Diameters to 16"
  • Face Width up to 16"
  • Diametric Pitch to 6DP
  • 10 Ton Capacity

Gear Hobbing

Hobbing is the most frequently used method of making gears. A gear hob is a cylindrical cutting tool with rings of teeth that are the involuted shape of the desired gear tooth. The gear hob is positioned at a right angle to the gear blank being cut. In this manner the gear blank rotates with the hob feeding across the cutting plane. Each successive tooth on the hob cuts a little deeper until it has generated the precise gear tooth profile desired.


Broaching is a machining process that finishes a simple or complex bore by pulling a multi-tooth tool called a broach through the part. Because the part is finished in one pass, broached parts are inexpensive and true to size.

Hobbing and Broaching
Hobbing Our gear department is equipped to handle all types of gear cutting. We use Barber Colman hobbing machines for worm, worm wheel, spur and helical gears. We provide complete gear manufacturing or cut teeth only on customer supplied blanks. Let us know how we can help you and we will work with you to meet your gear manufacturing needs.

The broaching process has been used by many industries for years and yet it remains a useful and efficient method of metal removal that sometimes cannot be achieved by other means. Our vertical pull-style-broaching machine can cut keyways - both english and metric, involute and straight splines, hexagons, and squares as well as special forms on internal diameters. Broaching